Earth Day Poem

Along with April Showers, this month has another honored duty, Poetry Month and of course the celebrated Earth Day on the 22nd. I am officially starting my blog with an anonymous poem. If anyone knows of the poet please advise.


Earth who gives to us this food,
Sun who made it ripe and good,
Dear Earth, dear Sun,
To you our loving thanks we give.

Erde, die uns dies gebracht,
Sonne, die es reif gemacht,
Liebe Sonne, liebe Erde
Euer nie vergessen werde.

Tierra que nos da los alimentos,
Sol que los hace buenos,
Querido sol, querida tierra,
Nunca nos olvidaremos de ustedes dos.

I was disappointed with Earth Day events this weekend. A whole lot of chutskies to devour more space in our cluttered cupboards and papers to complete of pledges to reduce our water or carbon footprint. Why not make a mental pledge and practice what we preach.

“Trash is a Failure of Imagination”  –Aaron Kramer

Enjoy some Green time at green cube in Laguna Beach

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