End of Summer Virtual Sale

Virtual Sale, Digital Yard Sale, Tag Sale, Garage Sale, Yard Sale, Moving Sale, Estate Sale, Flea Market, whatever you prefer to coin it, this Everything-Must-Go-Before-I-Move-Sale will take place the Weekend of September 15th & 16th from 8am until 3pm in Dana Point. If you like what you see and would like to purchase before the sale, I would be happy to make an appointment to view whatever strikes your fancy. If you purchase anything before the sale date I will extend a 10% discount on items. Please be aware that I will update items as they sell and if and when they may be reduced. I am not taking any prisoners with me in my move so make your offer now. As I pack away, I maybe inclined to add a few other items to sell so please keep checking in with thefolia.com frequently. Also, please pass this along to any friends that maybe interested.       ****PLEASE SCROLL DOWN–I MADE MANY REDUCTIONS AND ADDED MANY MORE ITEMS. I will sell on a first come first serve basis and the 10% still applies up until Friday, September 14th at 8pm.  D Day is approaching–make your offers before you find yourself out bidding others this weekend. A few more add on’s and a few more changes.   


       1.   Formal Chairs Two for $475  or $299 ea.  reduced to $200 each     SOLD

     2      Love Seat, Sofa, Couch whatever you prefer to call it.    $ 525   reducd to $400   PENDING SALE

    3  Red Console –Perfect for out-of-site-storage           $625  reduced to $400   SOLD

         4  Mango Wood Console or other Furniture Use–originally used for TV console has hole for pulling through wiring.  A great piece for a bookshelf or to display your items.    $425    reduced to $350      SOLD

         5  Red Hand Painted Furniture  Ample storage for media items or clothes   $ 425  reduced to $275 reduced to $225  REDUCED to $150   PENDING SALE     SOLD

      6  One-of-a-Kind Potting/Garden Storage, originally this was used as a kitchen butcher block,  the wheels make it convenient to be whimsical and move it to your desired location.   $35    SOLD

      7  Indoor/Outdoor Dining Table needs refinishing. I was going to either tile it or layer it with a thin metal to give it a more industrial look–use your imagination!   $35 with all four chairs            REDUCED  $25 or free with purchase of another furniture DONATED

      8   In its original life this was a diaper changer, now it holds Jurassic Park, books and toys. Wouldn’t this make a great mini bar?   $25         or free with purchase of another furniture   SOLD

  •         9   Fatsak –Beware once you sit  on these micro styrophome beads you sink into comfort and its difficult to get up. Great for game day, watching the fights or for a little afternoon nap.  The vinyl casing makes it easy to wipe down with a damp cloth.   $125 ea or Two (Black) for $225      SOLD     Red One SOLD.  REDUCED $100 ea  SOLD

10    Indoor/Outdoor Area Rug roll it up and when weather permits bring your indoors out with a classic look   $39         SOLD

      11      Painted Buddha     $99     SOLD

                                             12  Hanging Dragon   This is the easiest thing I assembled for the nursery. A total of five pieces.   $35      SOLD

13   Mouy Tai Kicking/Punching Bag   $175   REDUCED to $125  DONATED

      14  Czech Dome Chandelier    I love the brass bows on this masculine piece, sure to light up your room   $650    REDUCED $600      SOLD

      15    Crystal Chandelier   As Seen in Elvis’s dinning room,    http://www.elvis.com/photos-video/360_tours_of_graceland/foyer.aspx            this look alike is sure to make a statement in your room. $2,100    REDUCED $1, 800

        16    New Motorcycle Parts  Never Been Used     $75 for everything or name your price for individual pieces  SOLD

      17  Elmo/Hello Kitty Mighty Fine Bags $7 ea or Two for $10 REDUCED  $10  (includes the balls)

             18   Easel  Chalkboard, Whiteboard & a Roll of Endless Paper for any Picasso in the making to create her little masterpiece.  $10      SOLD

         19  Playskool Sit & Spin  $10 REDUCED   $5  DONATED

    20  Lakeshore Learning Puzzle  $7   REDUCED $5    SOLD         21   Children’s videos  $1 ea    Sold All Videos

  22    Travel Books $2 ea    reduced two for $2         23    Eighties Cassette Tapes  25 cents ea  or name your price for all!        24 Adjustable Children’s Basketball hoop   $45   REDUCED $40      SOLD         25     iplay water table, sand table or race track table—hours of entertainment for the little ones.   $45  REDUCED $40      SOLD

           26 Neuton rechargeable battery-powered lawn mower still in its original box never been used  $100     SOLD

*****new items listed below****

        27.   10″ Compound Miter Saw w/ Laser     $50      SOLD

   28.  Black & Decker  HedgeHog   $30   SOLD           29.  Scott’s Fertilizer thinga-ma-gig   $10  SOLD

   30.   Miscellaneous gardening items   $ 5        31.   AeroGarden    $30 with starting tomato   seeds — Happy Growing!   SOLD

    32.  $5 for floral pot  SOLD  $5 for decorative floral  both for $10 and I’ll throw in the chutchky

  1.     30.  Candle Votives  $15 ea  (total of four)  or $45 for all four  SOLD       31.  Red Metal storage bucket   ideal for ice and beverages for parties  $10     SOLD

   32.   $6 per pillow or four for $20  SOLD     one left for $5      33.    $ Metal musicians     $30   SOLD

    34.   Canvas teepee       $150    Authentic Sioux style teepee with reinforced and design variations that can withstand living experiences in snow, below zero temperatures, coastal rain forests and hurricane force winds. Although we have not attempted (mostly was used for loads of indoor play fun with some nights on the balcony).  If you are a die hard camper, try this in your back yard.  ( Fatsaks are not included but are sold separately)    SOLD

       35.   Toddler Car Seat  $10    SOLD         36.  World’s 1st Hydrogen Powered Radio Control Car   Still in box never been used  $15     37.   Dark Knight Batman Costume size 4   $5     SOLD        38.   Size 6 Halloween Costume   $5      39. Metal Tonka Trucks   $20 ea   dump truck sold crane still available    40.   Wooden & plastic veggies all connected with Velcro that creates a sound when cut   $ 10    SOLD    41.   Water guns   $5   SOLD  sprinkler $ 5     42.   Festive hanging paper lanterns–they light up (does not include AAA batteries)  $ 5 for all eight   SOLD        43.   Square hanging lanterns–light up (does not include AAA batteries) already decorated with recycled material for monster themed party   (decorative paper easily peels off)   ten for $5     SOLD

    44.   Dell speakers, keyboard and something else….Name your price and they are all yours!   $25   SOLD     45. A thefolia creation   $35    SOLD           46.   Another thefolia creation  $35   SOLD   This little guy almost went home with a buyer (inside the drawer of the turquoise garden furniture) now I found him in another one of my creations.  The turquoise piece was a design by moi! I took a purchase from Target that was originally used in the kitchen of my first home (many moves ago) I transformed it into apparently a big hit. For those five of you who were upset that it sold, I can assist you in making one of your own.       47. Flying Mr. Incredible  $5      48. Light up turtle–no more scared of the dark, go to sleep under the constellations that reflect on the ceiling.    $ 5     SOLD

   49. Fischer Price  Easy Link plugs into usb port and locks your computer into the website of the key. Seven different character keys to choose from and once connected to website your computer is safe from pop-ups, downloads and erasing of files or documents. Ages 2.5 years to 10 years.    $10        50.    Terra cotta vase    $15     SOLD      51.   Turkish Pillow    $5     SOLD     52.  mini faux fur rug     $5    SOLDClick to Enlarge      53.  The Venetian cast iron crib is elegant, versatile, and a classic beauty. The crib comes complete with four posters (simply screw on) and converts into a toddler bed too!  $ 650  reduced $600

      54.  Changing table topper from Pottery Barn  $35     54.a   Linens  $5   55.  Area Rug   $45    SOLD       56.  Bath Mat   $ 5 DONATED       57.  Mini Wicker Chair   $10     SOLD       58.   Painted Wicker Basket by thefolia  $5  SOLD  reduced $5    59.  Large Red Bin   $5   SOLD        60.   Mini Blue Play Shopping Cart    $45  reduced  $35

    61.  Leather lil pouch carrier   $15   reduced  $10  SOLD         62.  Black Vase   $ 5   SOLD      63.   First Act Mini Guitar   $10    SOLD        64.   Wagon Wheel Table   $625   reduced  $500  reduced $450

    65.  Banana Leaf  $5 or free with Water Table Purchase    SOLD      66. Stuff Animal Friends $5 each or five for $20 DONATED      67.   Jade Vase    $25  reduced  $10   SOLD        68.    Carved Man With  Sirih (Indonesia)   $ 25   reduced  $15

    69.  Sterling Silver Man’s Ring  $30  reduced  $20      70.  nine color ink cartridges that fit 02 Printer  $ 7 each or nine for $45    reduced   $5 ea or nine for $35  SOLD

   71.  Cherry Mini Chandelier    $75   SOLD            72.   Flower Wall Sconces   $ 50     SOLD

   *  Farmers Market  Harvest with whatever herbs are avail $1 a bunch                      * Refreshing Lemonade Will Be Served  5 cents a cup

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