Happy Earth Day today and every day!

 IMG_5174 To celebrate this special day for our dear Mother Earth I…                                                                                                                          Morning Dew 4

  • refreshed my hair color with organic products from Pure YL Salon
  • conducted a feng shui consultation for a client’s home
  • ate fruits of the Earth purchased from the farmers market
  • and carved out some sweet soft meditative time of sitting together with my little darlings to read a book.

IMG_9620  I missed out on a hike today, but I will find my balance tomorrow. It’s meaningful to address how we are living—how we work, play, eat, and  how we rest. Are we incorporating comfort, safety and beauty into our nest, our neighborhood and on our planet? Are we feeling anxious, unkind or disconnected, or are we creating an environment that will help us settle down and enjoy a tranquil heart.

Trying to sustain or regain the balance in life always takes a little bit of effort and requires willpower. Letting go of items that no longer have use for us to make our nest more balanced or putting down the Smart phone for a few minutes to breathe some fresh spring air and listen to chirping birds will maintain our vitality and extend us into the future. IMG_9637

Flaunt your unique sense of self by incorporating your personality into your environment, however, be certain you carve out a space to relax and decompress, especially in the bedroom. To acquire a more restful sleep, keep electronics out of the bedroom and do not store anything under the bed since it causes energy to stagnate there.  IMG_9633 One must in the end follow one’s heart–honor who you are and make your heart sing. Is there humming permeating from your nest?

Amuse, daydream and think in your nest and give yourself time to wind down and experience life as a poem Reclaim a time for being and not only doing.  How do you achieve your balance in your nest or in your daily life? IMG_2771

4 thoughts on “Happy Earth Day today and every day!

  1. I just love reading your posts! Just reading how you create a more harmonious nest inspires me to put more thought into my own! I am immediately going to take care of the “stuff” under my bed–and there is quite a bit! The photos you’ve shared are beautiful, too! ox


  2. Thank you for your kind words. I am happy to hear that you are enjoying the folia ride–I certainly love doing this. Try wearing red when you do your clearing under your bed. It’s the color of your first chakra, your power base, and keeps you grounded but also red carries the energy of fire feng shui element and will bring you joy and excitement while clearing. Happy Nesting!


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