Smells and Feels Crisp

like a sunny summer afternoon after a thunderstorm. Do you feel it too? Was this why Baby Bear was asking if summer is almost here? After consecutive double-digit days with the sun lodged deep within pregnant clouds, we ran out to play under her rays! We endorse getting out there and surrounding yourself with loving people, animals and anything you find out in the wild that charms you. This stick occupied our interest today, for nothing is fixed.

For nothing is fixed,
forever, forever, forever,
it is not fixed.
The earth is always shifting,
The light is always changing,
The sea does not cease to grind rock.
Generations do not cease to be born,
and we are responsible to them
because we are the only witnesses they have.
The sea rises, the light fails,
lovers cling to each other,
and children cling to us.
The moment we cease to hold each other,
the moment we break faith with one another,
the sea engulfs us and the light goes out.

-James Baldwin

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