Living the High Life

IMG_9307  I am delighted to rendezvous with a little feathered visitor in the mornings. Her chirps are so sweet you cannot help but smile. I can only wonder what she sings about. Is she lovingly whispering to her little chick, is she seducing her sweetheart, or is she simply happy to see another remarkable sunrise? IMG_9290

Whatever her reasons may be, her morning melody is infectious and launches my day with a bit of a buzz. It makes me forget about the coffee I am trying to cut back on and puts a zip in my step.

IMG_9161  These days I have a shorter commute to the heavens (I am quite a few stories above ground.) Eye-to-eye with my new morning buddy who is perched on my balcony rail while I am sitting by my desk for a few daily minutes of tap, tap, tap on the keyboards. IMG_9107Her sounds resonate more devoutly than mine do and I am thankful to be living the high life along side of her.

Discovering nature and incorporating it into your life and your nest maybe a challenge, however, the restorative powers of nature make the effort more than worthy.

IMG_9325 Incorporating ART (Attention Restorative Theory) into your nest is crucial for mental restoration according to an article in The Atlantic,   How Nature Resets Our Minds and Bodies  by Adam Alter.  IMG_9494

Man-made environments bombard us with stimulation and force us to direct our attention to specific tasks while Mother Nature craves very little from us. We can think as little or as much as we’d like while she offers us the opportunity to replenish our exhausted mental resources with her beauty.

IMG_9450 Many of us do not have the time or budget for a resort getaway but we can seek a nearby park, walk along a soothing stream, climb a majestic mountain, hike some rolling hills, or simply sit in silence and take in the natural landscape nearby.  Ayia Marina

Natural landscapes, even if viewed from inside of your nest, are beneficial. Natural views aren’t visually demanding and instead soothe and rejuvenate.IMG_9364

Fortunately I’m living the high life these days and my uplifting view of the mountains in the distance reassures me with strength and serenity while I work at my desk in my nest.  My potted fruit and vegetables on my balcony attract feathered friends to frolic about.  IMG_9153  Sure, there is the constant noise of the daily commuters below, however, if I close my eyes the sound mimics rolling waves of the Pacific. What more can I ask for surrounded by magnificent mountains and the welcoming breeze of the Pacific?

Hop, skip or jump to your calming natural landscape and ease your mind. If you are fortunate to peek at even a glimpse of nature from your nest, take a load off and enjoy the view.  IMG_9437  IMG_9458  A. Marina at Dusk 4