At Loom and Open for Business

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This little Rainbow Loom establishment has taken off in our nest. It first started sans the loom working with just the digits.  One day my little ones discovered tutorials on youtube and instantly the loom came into play. We ran … Continue reading

Something Had Come

Something Had Come

 The children sensed something was coming while they tossed fitfully in their beds last night. No one noticed the bright red sleigh with nine little reindeer soaring through the twilight sky, no one heard the creaking of the old wooden … Continue reading

Deck the Halls

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with boughs of rosemary, boxwood and mint. This holy trinity was about the only thing I was able to accomplish up until Saturday when we brought home the tree that added just the right touch to freshen up our winter’s … Continue reading

Tour de Coop

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I’m no Lance Armstrong so I car-pooled it with this recent community excursion. Even if I partook in doping or any sports enhancing tricks, I could not even come close to finishing a tour, let’s face it not many of … Continue reading