Fill Her Up Some.

Fill Her Up Some.

This is where we’re at and I’m going to need a refill where I’m headed. No room for that madness or blame, nor sorrow nor shame…I only wish my head was clear before I took his name. What a blessing … Continue reading

World Needs You and Only You Can Bring It

World Needs You and Only You Can Bring It

Middle Bear bebops a lot especially when he passes through the kitchen as he transitions from the outside into the depths of the inner. It’s here where he lets his guard down, here is where he is most comfortable to … Continue reading

Not Thinking Today, Just Feeling

Not Thinking Today, Just Feeling

When I see you, all I wanted to say vanishes. The time is so precious and words are extraneous…you come and the time slips away in a dream. It is only when you go that I realize completely your presence. … Continue reading

What Will You Create

Went out and hit a wall of humidity this morning so to bring our body temperature down we made a triple citrus lemonade with an emerald twist…matcha. Baby bear is into the green stuff lately, matcha and spirulina. Since matcha … Continue reading

You Get What You Accept

These two are keeping it pure and celebrating this natural patch of the world playing freely. They innately have an intention to be free; it’s exhilarating to witness. Their only focus is how to have fun with what they have … Continue reading

My Kind of Cosmos

This scattering of asterisks not only intoxicated us with a cosmic aroma but incited musings of a new discovery…Bouchai, a combination of kombucha and chai. A little effervescent and a little spicy over a full glass of shaved ice by … Continue reading


There’s a layer of dust o’er hard to reach places and in far away corners of the nest. I need to desperately wipe them down with my home-made cleanser infused with extra peppermint oil to lift my spirits.Outside the wind … Continue reading

In Between

Smashed, not creamed, fruit sprinkled with goodness made with love for budding physiques and minds. Chips for dipping, then munching—a light, yet hearty snack for in between games.Just three this weekend, half of last weekend’s whirlwind of an adventure. Snugly … Continue reading

A Leaf Can Be.

A lot can happen in a day around here, a two-hour school delay because of the flakes that accumulated overnight but not dense enough of a blanket to last late afternoon due to rapidly rising temperatures that still warn us … Continue reading

Playing for an Audience

No one does it better than baby bear at least in our nest.She is our sweet muse as we gawk in amazement and laugh to no ends with her silly antics. She charms her brothers into almost anything and she … Continue reading