Sophos = clever, skillful, wise

Sophos = clever, skillful, wise

I’m never crazy about getting behind the other side of the lens but when a gig relies on a snapshot…ready or not with only a few minutes left until dusk, I called it a day with this one. Taken from … Continue reading

Uniformed and Equipped

to march into the holidays. While downloading and saving these photos, I was mystified by Baby Bear’s expression and gate and how it resembled Girl with Pigtails. It is said we find influences and copy them. Since the cold front, … Continue reading

Street Art

Street Art

Brilliant yellow, flaming orange and rusty reds…what’s that azure? It’s a high-spirited surprise to break up our usual nostalgia of these late fall hues as we make strides on foot and our mini wheels. I imagine this street art was … Continue reading


little bear requests with her woeful look and her index finger pointing up. She has it down alright. Her averted and sorrowful eyes, head tilted to one side and her usual cheery brim turned upside down to almost a pout. … Continue reading

“It starts today.

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  And, it starts small, with a little bet. It’s really that simple and that hard. The world needs your creativity and passion now more than ever. With all the challenges facing our country and world, we need a creative … Continue reading

The Early Bird Catches a Glimpse of Beauty

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I wake up to a spectrum of mauve every morning. The iridescent rays stretch and encompass my floor to ceiling windows and I feel instant warmth. This morning hug of mine is so lovely and transmits bolts of energy even … Continue reading