Wrangle On

Wrangle On

When a horse barn features an on-staff most loveable horse wrangler like Alex here, one develops a fondness for treasured time in her presence. Not a rough-hewn thing about her, but an unrelenting devotee to her fellow wranglers-in-the-making and her horses … Continue reading

These Hands

These Hands

The healing of the land and the purification of the human spirit is the same process. – The One-Straw Revolution @farmersfootprint

Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision

Mysteries of the universe are mysteries because there isn’t knowledge recognizing, comprehending and identifying with it. There is nothing hidden, only hidden from those who can’t perceive it. As we come to comprehension of reality in splendid profusion, I grow … Continue reading


Doing their part, I suppose. Always wants to fetch that Christmas and living the dream labeless. No worries in the world despite that gangster sideways gait of his and no reason to know, why limit himself.

Raring To Go

Around the corner, no more alarming forecastsWithin kernels, boldnessBouncing on balmy foreheads, wispy curls.Peeking out, golden raysUnbreakable, our spiritReady for anything, children in the zoneBrimming over, morning vibesRacing to the next task of the day, children on a missionWind on … Continue reading

Girls of Grace

Aries kind of energy over here…we’re tapping into our sacred ancestor connection…can’t avoid it knee deep into loamy earth with a hound at our heels and his nose on these swampy grounds…it’s no wonder this occurred. Soaking up every bit … Continue reading

I’m A Nut

I’m none the wiser. Older, odder to most. It’s an effective and certainly the most courageous way to make friends for life. Here’s to all the nuts out there…embrace your nuttiness and may it guide you through endless pursuits of … Continue reading

New Kid at the Stables

Oldest bear has a commanding presence to him, he is so genuine one can’t help but gravitate toward him. It’s no wonder the barnyard girls took notice and flocked to his attendance. Not much for words in a new group … Continue reading

Well, Well, Well…Look at Our Handywork

Currents of compassion,Ever present yet immeasurable,laughter, love and creationnot yet floatingbut one day…one raft,two girlsdetermined to floatwith a biting windfor extra encouragement.

Under The Bridge

Where waters of gold flow, where hearts fill with thrillsand days fade into Aurelian dreams.