Hold on Tightly

Hold on Tightly

There is no doubt the war of the worlds continues to rage within us, around us and beyond. It’s business as usual: Satan vs. God, Good vs. Evil, Light vs. Dark. As I wait patiently for the Lord, I set … Continue reading

Neither I Nor The Poets

Neither I Nor The Poets

This sweet greeting on becoming aware was received with absolution in my heart. To all who want to know and understand the strength within you…   “Neither I nor the poets I love found the keys to the kingdom of … Continue reading

Come and Find Me

Come and Find Me

back here if you choose to step forward into the universal cosmic consciousness with me. If you prefer to take the bait that the unwell want you to take then be gone, go find God or whatever it takes for … Continue reading


not by a luscious fruit, nor by a fragrant-luring flower but a bench. It wasn’t a sculptured beauty, a simple wooden structure that felt just right at the time. Baby bear wandered into the direction of a park bench away … Continue reading

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

Now that it grows duskier earlier, I’ve become more contemplative. Our outdoor fun, especially when playing with trajectory spherical objects, (even after a few minutes pass for our pupils to adjust to the darkness) turns into artillery that blasts into … Continue reading

Simple, Hearty and Restorative

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Just like a homemade bowl of mom’s soup, your nest should make you feel the same! What better time to create this sensation than the first month of the year? Sure you can add fresh blooms for that essential restorative … Continue reading

Thankful for…

  Thankful for the bread we break, thankful for the feast we ate. Thankful for the juice we drank. Thankful for the sweet and savory scents that perfumed our nest. Thankful for the adventurous expressions that resonated throughout our day, … Continue reading

Lucky Charms or Icons?

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Whether you chat with one God or twelve gods, lack faith in a god or worship an ever-present god, rely on evil eye trickery or respect the divinity within yourself and others—religious or spiritual relics are most likely adorned (or … Continue reading