Not Enough Breeze

Not Enough Breeze

Sultry and sticky weather hit today and this door no longer remains ajar. A little disruption at times isn’t a bad thing, but how I appreciate a refreshing pre-summer breeze drifting through the nest reminding to me to step out … Continue reading

A Stroll From Home

A Stroll From Home

Suddenly out of nowhere, flurries came down in the early hours of the day and sputtered through a stretch of sunshine by the end of the day. Thankfully none of it stuck, but it did turn us into lightweights. A … Continue reading

Riders on the Storm

Riders on the Storm

The best April Fools trick by far for the day…thank you DARPA for making my kiddos day. My suggestions for them to get out there was always “it’s too cold.” 70 degrees of two consecutive days, 30 degrees the following…it’s … Continue reading

In Times Like These

when rain falls hard on empty streets but it’s satisfactory because the florists are all closed and there are no more parties to go. In times like these, baby bear is thrown into relief by choosing the same terry cloth … Continue reading

Stay August Stay

If only we could stop the month of August and let it linger on a bit longer. Its light, like steeping tea seeps into the western part of the nest. Dusk…that magical light, in this eve of August night, nimbly … Continue reading

At the Edge of the Day

Roses glow. Something about the edge of the day before our sprouts and blooms vanish into the dark night sky…something about that light, that aura that illuminates the embryonic, unfurling leaves and how the petals meddle with the light. Scattered … Continue reading

Little Yellow Luggy

Lately I have been giving much thought to the maligned mystery of the deficient acts of stewardship in our nest. Despite my endeavors in reminding all bears to step into their duties of a steward and curate their belongings, my … Continue reading

A Race Against Time

Now then, here we are the fledgling days of August lurked upon us amid our deliriously distorted days of leisure play. How did we arrive here already? Just as we were settling into summer, that esteemed season that isn’t overly … Continue reading

Deeper into the Woods

We’re going on two years with our affairs in the company of Red. It still feels magical to be nesting within her magnificent walls, providing us with shade and beauty, habitat and recreation. Like the wood she spawned from, a … Continue reading

In Between

Smashed, not creamed, fruit sprinkled with goodness made with love for budding physiques and minds. Chips for dipping, then munching—a light, yet hearty snack for in between games.Just three this weekend, half of last weekend’s whirlwind of an adventure. Snugly … Continue reading