Built to Perform

The key is to not stay in fear of being lost and confused. Pressure is not a bad thing, it’s the power you give it. Pressure is when you don’t feel confident…I may not know how the game may unfold … Continue reading

Take Me To Paradise

Take Me To Paradise

I’ve been listening to my little muse lately. I’ve mentioned before how intuitive children play and communicate and how we should take heed of their cues. I bet if you take note of their ideas and follow through, you’ll find … Continue reading

A River Runs Through Our Hearts

As winter creeps into our backyards and eclipses the golden sun that just the other day tickled our flip-flop wearing toes, I cannot help but feel a bit of “placelessness.” At this instant, during a break from our regular routine … Continue reading

Deck the Halls

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with boughs of rosemary, boxwood and mint. This holy trinity was about the only thing I was able to accomplish up until Saturday when we brought home the tree that added just the right touch to freshen up our winter’s … Continue reading

Experiments Never Fail…

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they yield new, inspiring and beneficial data from the perspective of a scientist. Why don’t we as lay people embrace this philosophy? Why is it so paramount in our lives to grasp the idea of being accepted and dread the … Continue reading

Apparently Bette Davis gave more than just good face

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—she gave a fabulous curb appeal too!  It was a pleasant surprise one June Gloom morning when I looked up from a Laguna Beach stroll to see this not-so–humble abode in front of me in Woods Cove.   Not a typical … Continue reading