I like to see where things are going in unscripted conversations that entice people along on an explosive journey. These days, there’s an unlimited streaming of such dialogs to take part in but many meander aimlessly until a provocative and … Continue reading

Wrapped in the Wonder

The present is where all the good stuff resides. To live in the dream is to live in the knowing, to live in fear, frightens you out of present happiness and threatens all that could be taken. Live your dream.

Full Blown Romance.

Full Blown Romance.

This morning, with her, having coffee – Johnny Cash when asked for his description of paradise. All the work that matters is for moments like these found in the simplest of our twinkling flashes between beings. Take time to create … Continue reading

Forming Letters

What do we do when we come across a glowing pink façade? We use it as a living canvass and spell out our name with our torso and limbs, twisting, torquing and stretching. It’s a good thing we are flexible, … Continue reading

Sunday Service

Hark! Such shadowy and throbbing energy from overvalued drones and their angry chants on replay. What’s more concerning is that people are no longer searching for the truth, instead looking for instant gratification for that easy fix that doesn’t amount … Continue reading

Tossed Waters.

Tossed Waters.

Most feathered friends have taken off in flocks heading south by now. I read this poem and thought of them…wish I were in their feathers right about now, weary, tender and happy to be soaring with friends sans regrets to … Continue reading

Out On A Limb

Out On A Limb

At this point there’s nowhere else to go but out on a limb. Retrieving one’s spirit while cavorting about in nature isn’t really a novel notion though. In ancient times natura literally meant “birth,” and creation stories were a common … Continue reading

Shaking Up the Summer

Nothing tantalizes the palate like a summer pineapple oozing with juicy goodness. Sliced, muddled, chopped, blended, stirred or sinking your teeth directly into the soft, fleshy sweetness…this nectar of the gods never fails to disappoint. We’ve been blending it lately … Continue reading

Thyme Out

My little guy received a thyme out in the garden when his godlike temper got the best of him. Whether coping mechanisms to overcome the disappointment of losing a board game fail or when hunger or exhaustion kick in and … Continue reading

The Push Present

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I had read that Rachel Zoe received a diamond the size of her newborn’s head as her “push present“. Now I’m not one to comment on such matters, I usually don’t give it much thought, but somehow I couldn’t let … Continue reading