Arrested Development

Arrested Development

Trying to sort out the thoughts with these plumes, they are so brilliantly magnificent that even their randomness on the dinning room table until we sort them out is a fixation. Individually they are imperfectly beautiful. Makes me wonder of … Continue reading

Shaking it Loose

Shaking it Loose

The thing about angels is we are so distracted we don’t even notice their fluttering wings spawning and weaving our dreams into the breeze sweetly whispering into our ears. If only we untethered ourselves from torpedoing weighted thoughts to float … Continue reading

You Get What You Accept

These two are keeping it pure and celebrating this natural patch of the world playing freely. They innately have an intention to be free; it’s exhilarating to witness. Their only focus is how to have fun with what they have … Continue reading

The Angler

The Angler

It’s refreshing to see a fisherman in his element especially in the mist of ill-advised and division-inducing rhetoric. This angler isn’t alone. He is accompanied by a fellow angler with a fair number of accoutrements to linger on these rocks … Continue reading

My Kind of Cosmos

This scattering of asterisks not only intoxicated us with a cosmic aroma but incited musings of a new discovery…Bouchai, a combination of kombucha and chai. A little effervescent and a little spicy over a full glass of shaved ice by … Continue reading

Take a Breath

Offered by the friendly winds; they traversed from faraway lands.Take a deep breath and pass it along with gratitude. Blow it across the inexhaustible horizon and let the moment take hold. Recognize the things that will cause you much distress … Continue reading

Sheepishly Adorned

Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes for love, joy and celebration. I can say the same about baby bear, her omnipresent smile reminds me that life is rich and beauty is everywhere. When her brothers … Continue reading

We Can’t Always Enjoy the Grand,

but we can try and manage the little. That was last week’s lesson…when we survived the schedule conflicts, the forgetfulness…you let me down Cisco, I was counting on you man and finally my brain that had turned into an untrusty … Continue reading

Mixed Company

For some of us it feels a bit uncomfortable…others thrive on the idea of sharing their time with others not like them. I often lean toward mixed company or eccentric crowds but also a variety of textures in my nest. … Continue reading

Keep Calm and Wear an Endearing Smile

A smile goes a long way, a very long way. Lately we have endured some inconveniences but fortunately the mistakes of others are accompanied by empathy, apologies and we-will-make-it-better attitude. You can’t feel perturbed by one’s considerable efforts to turn … Continue reading