The Glory of a Baritone

The Glory of a Baritone

A baritone is a classical type of singing voice that originates from the Greek term βαρύτονος or heavy sounding. Cheers to all the “heavy sounding” papas who wear their armor of God not for accolades but for the mission of … Continue reading

Dressing Up

We got a spontaneous call during the week from Papa Bear to meet him for happy hour. Most establishments around here have happy hour from 3pm-6pm EVERY day; it’s summertime all year round in beach towns…truly! Happy hour for us … Continue reading

And the Lord planted a garden eastward in Eden (Genesis)

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A tale of rich complexity…where and if indeed it existed is not the issue at hand. Why it existed is what’s intriguing and did mankind live happily in this so-called Garden of Eden. Why not experiment for yourself! If you … Continue reading