Dressing Up

We got a spontaneous call during the week from Papa Bear to meet him for happy hour. Most establishments around here have happy hour from 3pm-6pm EVERY day; it’s summertime all year round in beach towns…truly! Happy hour for us is taking advantage of an early dinner and since the nest was recently cleaned why yes, I’ll skip a meal at home and revere my sparkling kitchen for a few more hours. Middle bear surprised me by changing from his usual attire, athletic gear, and sporting a button down shirt with a tie. I suppose he was thinking Papa Bear will be in a tie so I will join him, or maybe he wanted to indulge because of the celebratory spur of the moment special event. He has a piquance for life that you can’t help but jump right into the revelry with him. When we returned to the nest, he tossed his tie onto the Buddha.


In a tribute to Father’s Day, we have left it. May you enjoy this splendid day with or without a tie. Older and wiser bear then pitched his cap on him. I think if Papa Bear would have his way, he would cover the Buddha’s eyes with a sleeping eye mask. In the words of the comedian Jim Gaffigan, father of five, “There should be a children’s song: if you’re happy and you know it, keep it to yourself and let daddy sleep.” Fatherhood isn’t always a walk in the park; IMG_20141227_144646710[1]IMG_20141227_141520006IMG_20150216_103823562 sometimes it’s a divinatory discovery and certainly worth it. IMG_20150216_103354454


9 thoughts on “Dressing Up

    • Ha, ha he most certainly is. I don’t know….too much happy hour is never a good idea, besides Aussies know a lot about vegimite sandwiches which can certainly change up a daily routine.


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