We Will Rise

We Will Rise

I’m always surprised come election time when many of us believe a savior will restore our faith and rehabilitate or elevate our systemic unwholesome system. if we desire leaders of substance we must change the culture from which they have … Continue reading

Join The Movement

I don’t know about you but I’ve been feeling a bit adrift these days. Trying to be more gentle with myself and give myself some big time love. I hope you do the same with yourself. I have been missing … Continue reading

California Dreaming

I love when friends dream in my nest. I catch their fleeting eyes or witness a soft smile…they’re comfortable I think to myself and it’s the best non-verbal compliment I can receive. It’s back to replenishing their half full glasses … Continue reading

Cry Me a River

It happens to the best of us and if it hasn’t happened to you yet…hooray for you and may you never have to go to great lengths to retrieve your photos or pertinent information that you mistakenly deleted with a … Continue reading