What’s In Your Bottle?

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Think twice before you toss your empty bottles into the recycling bin. You may save yourself a trip to the store and some cash if you rinse out the bottle and easily stash it away for future uses. Be mindful. … Continue reading

Is Your Clock Ticking?

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Not your biological one, your clock in your nest. If it’s not ticking even with a battery change, it is time to furlough the neglected clock for some tinkering. If your local clock repair person could not revive it, consider … Continue reading

Succulent Hoarder

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Hi, my name is Cristina and I’m a succulent hoarder. I didn’t even know what a succulent was until my first visit to the Golden State. These tiny plants instantly mesmerized me and upon further examination, I noticed occasional fractured … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Wishes

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A soul saving latte. That’s what I want for Mother’s Day and every morning. Give me my five minutes of serenity with this warm cup of perfection, then my little dears you can shout out your request for breakfast to … Continue reading

Got Eggs?

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Easter eggs that is. Easter came and went 30 days ago if you observe the Gregorian calendar that was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, also called the Western calendar, the Christian calendar or the internationally accepted civil calendar. … Continue reading

Garage Sales…Who Cares for Them?

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Apparently many! Folks creep out of the wood-works the moment the sign is pitched into the ground. If your community offers garage sales annually or biannually take advantage of them even if the thought makes you cringe. Change your negative … Continue reading

Happy May First

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There are a few sayings that Americans do not use. The first one that disturbs me is that we do not wish ourselves a great appetite before we sit to enjoy our meals. On occasion, I have heard it blurted … Continue reading