Got Eggs?

Easter eggs that is. Easter came and went 30 days ago if you observe the Gregorian calendar that was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, also called the Western calendar, the Christian calendar or the internationally accepted civil calendar. If you are like me and follow the over 1,600 year-old Julian calendar, established by Julius Caesar in the year 46 BCE, it flew by 23 days ago and yes, I still have my eggs on display. My cheeks are blushing with shame—I preach about keeping a tidy and organized space and I’m caught red-handed.

Stashing the decorations away until next year would take me a mere five minutes, but to my defense I displayed them the week before Orthodox Easter or the event observed by the Julian calendar. All the excitement of the cuddly cottontail coming for his annual visit, I wanted to enjoy them a few more days or weeks.

Also, in my defense, this year I made enough Easter Bread to feed an army. My biggest batch to date—seven pounds of flour, three cups of sugar, one pound of butter and a dozen eggs. It’s a lot of kneading but if you plan it right and invite friends over with children who love to help, then the laborious work turns to play. Despite the fun, the bread making consumes your day because the yeast does not cut corners to rise—it takes hours.

I have just about five minutes to gather my Easter decorations and store them before my next assignment. My small but endearing collection is stored in a transparent plastic bin with a lime green top among other color coordinated containers in the attic. It’s out of sight, out of mind, yet easily stored and accessible.

Holidays are a great time to gather with family and friends and take a break from our daily lives, however, if you are hosting the occasion or even have a few parties to attend, it can get hectic. Simplify your life by implementing and maintaining a storage system that works for you and transforms your nest in an uncomplicated way. If you choose to admire your holiday décor for a little longer that’s okay too, unless of course your tree is still up, then it’s time for an intervention. Don’t be too proud to ask for a professional organizer or a friend to help if your schedule does not allow.

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