Flippin Tables

Flippin Tables

I heard a DJ announce that Greece will open the tourism gates to anyone willing to take a test and prove negative or get the juice injected into them, Hmmm…I’m going to take a pass, even though we had planned … Continue reading

Good On Me

Good On Me

I went to bed at a decent hour for once. Not for long though. I woke, gratefully so, to the thought that I didn’t get the eggs out for the hunt in the morning. Now that I’m up I might … Continue reading

No One’s The Wiser

While I was making a coconut carrot cake, I mentioned to Papa Bear that I was going to ask the boys to help me hide the eggs for the great hunt on Sunday. He told me that middle bear was … Continue reading

The Unsleeping Flame

Once again, we brought home the “unsleeping flame” to brighten the year’s first warm evenings with the much-anticipated light. Wielding lit candles in a moving vehicle under a gibbous moon always elevated the beats to my heart. It’s not a … Continue reading

Thank You Easter Bunny…

for family, friends, fine food    and…  fun!

Coloring with Nature

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This year Yiayia’s Easter bread didn’t make it to our nest in its usual edible state. The package arrived a week in advance, however, we weren’t there to happily receive the goods. The day we were able to tear open … Continue reading

Red Ribbons, Red Eggs and… Gooey Eyeballs?

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“Eeewwww! He didn’t even chew them!” That is the reaction that came from our mouths when we witnessed my uncle eating lamb eyeballs for the first time. Actually my cousins, siblings and I screeched every time he ate them. Easter … Continue reading

Got Eggs?

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Easter eggs that is. Easter came and went 30 days ago if you observe the Gregorian calendar that was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582, also called the Western calendar, the Christian calendar or the internationally accepted civil calendar. … Continue reading