No One’s The Wiser

While I was making a coconut carrot cake, I mentioned to Papa Bear that I was going to ask the boys to help me hide the eggs for the great hunt on Sunday. He told me that middle bear was looking forward to the quest; good thing I brought it up with Papa Bear.So, it was oldest bear and I up before the other bears on our covert mission of tucking plastic eggs under leaves, between rocks and ledges, even resting on branches. A cool and cheery morning, ground wet from a respectable rain from the previous night to keep spring and all her magic going.How fortunate for us the birds were chirping away, praising their hallelujahs for those rays that were piercing through the heavens indeed, this would be a day to feast al fresco.

After the hunt and after some prodding on my part, I believe middle bear’s rational is no one will be the wiser if I play along that I believe in the philanthropic cottontail and that way I still procure my finds.This particular morning, he stirred up even more than the usual praise and intrigue for such bunny; he played the adorning big brother role and showed his little sister the ropes.

She caught on quickly and so the egg hunt frenzy will continue for more years to come in our nest. We also eagerly welcomed a new bunny into our nest Friday. Meet Marguerite.

Isn’t she just so adorable?Baby bear thinks so and she includes her in her daily routine often. She helped us with some baking and is always right next to baby bear’s side when it’s time to lay to rest. We enjoyed the warmth of family and friends this special week. Hope your Passover, Pasxa or seasonal merriment was a special one too!Here’s the recipe I used for the cake. I used coconut milk instead of buttermilk and coconut oil for the oil. I wanted to use mascapone for the frosting but didn’t have on hand so used never fail butter. I didn’t have powered sugar either so coconut sugar make the frosting brown. Enjoy!


18 thoughts on “No One’s The Wiser

    • It was indeed a great one, hope yours was too! The cake had coconut milk and oil so coconut sugar was disguised well, then again I use coconut sugar for all recipes unless I have powdered on hand for when it calls for it.


  1. It’s just lovely to see the children, Cristina! Those bunny ears on your youngest are just too cute. She’s a lovely little girl and obviously adored by her brothers. It brings me joy to read about them. I love the way you make a day special, my friend.

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    • Thank you my friend for your sweet message…it warms my heart to see readers like you connect to our fast-moving musings and sometimes our slow paced ones like this one. I hope yours was ever so special with or without bunny ears!

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