Paid in Full,

Paid in Full,

debt that stood against us. Hallelujah! It’s a shifting season, the one that breathes new life with a gust that can blow us away if we allow. The taste of transformation looms as the temps continue to plunge and the … Continue reading

Where Art Thou Baritone?

Where Art Thou Baritone?

Never has there been such a time,to let loose into an impression of elation.Albeit it may arrive only after a kind of necessary seasonal disappearance.It’s the ultimate journey of the hero,back into the realm of choice, a cyclical existence for … Continue reading

Come and Find Me

Come and Find Me

back here if you choose to step forward into the universal cosmic consciousness with me. If you prefer to take the bait that the unwell want you to take then be gone, go find God or whatever it takes for … Continue reading

Vol plané

In a brief slit of solitude, I gazed up at the slender timbers that stretch toward the sky. Half barren, vulnerable yet still and reverent, I search the sky for answers. There must be some up there. The shifting clouds … Continue reading

Too Much of A Good Thing

Is there such a thing? At almost 7:30 pm, sunlight; it did take some getting used to waking up an extra hour earlier to enjoy a little more play before supper. In an opaque tiny vile, an elixir for the … Continue reading


That’s right the robust winds and heavy wet snow falling from the sky have me shivering on my stone-cold kitchen floor. March has bestowed us with illusionary behaviors, down-right dream-stealing, that only leave me to console sullen bears. Not so … Continue reading

Learning Requires Willingness

I see it in middle bear and oldest bear’s eyes while face to face with their opponents on the mat. Even when their eyes sink heavy to the ground and reach a humbling point, a subdued learning yet never a … Continue reading

Shaking Up the Summer

Nothing tantalizes the palate like a summer pineapple oozing with juicy goodness. Sliced, muddled, chopped, blended, stirred or sinking your teeth directly into the soft, fleshy sweetness…this nectar of the gods never fails to disappoint. We’ve been blending it lately … Continue reading

A Tincture of Goodness

    Yippee…another box from Annmarie Skin Care! Inside the last package, I enjoyed samples of earthy extracts for cleansing and moisturizing and now the contents of the box was filled with makeup—their latest line of products. I was over … Continue reading

Clean Monday

is considered to be one of the most important feasts all over Greece and Cyprus, each year commencing the forty day period of the Great Lent for the Eastern Greek Orthodox Church. It officially ends all the carousing of Carnival, … Continue reading