All Things Good

All Things Good

Hastily photograph perhaps…but still striking. So, instead of vibrancy today, you get a candid, straight-forward message with an edgy shadow. The goal, to get a shot of this goodwill reminder before it whittles away. It’s been in our mindsets as we … Continue reading

The Miracle Worker

After fervent supplication, Saint Phanourios pulled through for me. The one and only, whom according to faithful turn to assist in finding lost belongings. His name derives from the Greek word phanero, to reveal. When such item shows up as … Continue reading

Memories In My Laundry Room

Things, stuff, inanimate objects that festoon our nest and give us something to look at and at times something much more. Years ago, we purchased this piece of furniture.Impulsive perhaps as we didn’t know what we were going to do … Continue reading