It’s On…

Pressure that is. A cackling persistent request for more cake by a rowdy dozen or so girls…how can I not make their wish my command. But at first a check in with myself. You got this, it’s your signature cake, … Continue reading

The Miracle Worker

After fervent supplication, Saint Phanourios pulled through for me. The one and only, whom according to faithful turn to assist in finding lost belongings. His name derives from the Greek word phanero, to reveal. When such item shows up as … Continue reading

World Needs You and Only You Can Bring It

World Needs You and Only You Can Bring It

Middle Bear bebops a lot especially when he passes through the kitchen as he transitions from the outside into the depths of the inner. It’s here where he lets his guard down, here is where he is most comfortable to … Continue reading

All Chefs Have Highly-Flavored Opinions

I was baking as I heard my sweet child of mine uttering comments while watching commercials. It’s quite entertaining, the reaction I hear from my little one that is. It’s also shocking at times, especially when he shadows his older … Continue reading