All Chefs Have Highly-Flavored Opinions

I was baking as I heard my sweet child of mine uttering comments while watching commercials. It’s quite entertaining, the reaction I hear from my little one that is. It’s also shocking at times, especially when he shadows his older brother who was a goofy toddler however, never did he dare partake in commentaries, in fact it’s challenging to conjure his feelings or desires with the various questions I pose. Not so much with little mouth. Remember his comment when the director ask about his teacher? Well now it’s strangely vigilant in our nest when commercials spring about or when he routinely converses with characters in the games on Xbox when playing solo. As I was making these treats from Bubble Girl Bakes, I hear “good thing I don’t need it.”  SONY DSCSONY DSC   This was his reaction to an endless list of side effects of a drug. I wasn’t paying attention to the type of drug as I’m not the best baker and I was trying to focus on the precision of the recipe for once, then I hear the commercial clearly “ask your doctor about Viagra.” Next out of my seven-year-old’s mouth was “what’s that anyways?” Thankfully, once he heard the magic sound of the mixture he sprang from the couch and it was show time for him…he is so passionate about creating things in the kitchen that he forgot about the advertised drug and launched himself into his role of pastry chef. Our turn has rolled around again for snack time at school and I am using Bubble Girl gluten free flour. It arrived the Sunday before Christmas thank you Kait! The Postmaster General was only delivering packages that day so it was an unexpected treat to receive it on the only Sunday of the year. I have used it for other recipes, however, I knew I wanted to try the donuts for my son’s class snack. I added pumpkin for the “healthy” kick and we each huddled around the oven and savored one—moist and still steaming. While we are well into January and viscerally engulfed in our new regimented cleanses and routines after the gluttonous holidays…these treats won’t set you too far back from your disciplined paths. Besides, you know you want that fresh baked goodness wafting in your nest. Enjoy! lil chefs in big hats 11SONY DSC

10 thoughts on “All Chefs Have Highly-Flavored Opinions

  1. Haha, you poor thing. Having to field a seven-year-old’s questions about Viagra would have been interesting, to say the least. Good thing you were baking and caught his attention with that. You dodged a bullet there. 🙂


    • I know…phew! He is so insistent with the issue I thought of talking to him about the birds and the bees and then hesitated. I don’t want to traumatize him especially since his maturity level needs sometime to ripen.

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  2. I am still waiting for one of the granddaughters to tune into a Viagra or Cialis commercial. It’s inevitable that it will happen, I only hope they don’t ask me! LOL! These donuts look so tasty, and I know how conscious you are about giving your children healthy foods, so I’m very interested in this recipe. And you may have introduced me to another good blogging site in Bubble Girl. Cool! And your little chef is absolutely adorable. 🙂


    • I hope you get a few more years of biting the bullet on that subject, but I suppose you could tell them to ask their parents and hope they don’t say, well ask grandma! I modify Bubble Girl’s recipes a bit but love her ideas. For example, I always use eggs even though I add a bit of flax and I use coconut sugar, I taste the batter with how much to add so that I know it has just enough sweetness.


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