“So far,”

says my speculative son in response to the question posed by the head of the school on his first day of a new school. His formative response to the question, “Do you like your new teacher?” intrigued me to investigate what other little minds in his classroom were thinking. At his age, I would have bashfully responded in a barely audible tone a simple, yes, and hoped it would be the end of the interrogation, however, other little girls in his classroom boasted in detail about their teacher’s loving smile or pretty dress and how she gives great hugs. I adore my son’s candor and hope he continues to say what he thinks as he grows into a man, however, I also trust that he may edit a few of his thoughts so he doesn’t sound like an inconsiderate rube. Cheers to honesty in and outside of your nest! Also, cheers, literally to the most amazing recent discovery. SONY DSCSONY DSC I fortuitously read about making shakes with a mason jar instead of your blender’s pitcher. Yes, this does work, however, you have to have the correct blender. Most bases to blenders fit a standard mason jar, if you are the lucky owner of one…presto you can transform an ordinary jam container into a mini blender beaker. Unfortunately, the pitcher of my blender is one piece and does not disassemble for me to enjoy a few extra minutes in the morning and one less item to clean. SONY DSCSONY DSCI will patiently wait until my blender has its last run before I buy another one, but when that time comes, I will jet out of my nest with my mason jar to find the perfect match. Cheers and happy start of a new school year!SONY DSC

This breakfast smoothie was made with:

basil leaves
coconut milk
coconut flakes
chia seeds
topped off with carob nibs

Curious about how this works? Here’s where I saw the idea mason jar blender

12 thoughts on ““So far,”

  1. MMm. Smoothie sounds soo good! I have not seen those kinds of blenders! I have a Vitamix, so it is not dying anytime soon…. I love it though. 🙂 Cheers to the first week of school! (my son doesn’t go back until next week… summer continues in this household… ahh!)


  2. First thing I have to say is what a great smoothie! The basil really surprised me, but I think it must add a little kick? And the mason jar blender is fascinating. I can’t quite picture how it works but I’m definitely going to give it a try! And cheers to your son…I do hope he has a wonderful year at school. I have such respect for good teachers and the way they set the tone for a whole year of a child’s development. ox


    • Just a little basil…it’s great with strawberry especially a margarita! As for the mason jar once you unscrew the metal lid from the glass jar use the glass jar instead of your blender’s beaker. You would literally blend the smoothie in the mason jar. Once finished unscrew the mason jar from the base of the blender (the jar would be upside down so you would have to flip it back right side up) and enjoy without cleaning another item when finished with your drink. This only works if your blender is the type that has a base that disassembles in three pieces, the blade, the rubber thingy and the base that screws into the motor. Yes, touché to all teachers!


    • Debra, I just update my post to include a link that actually shows what I am trying to describe. I just decided, I am not going to wait for my blender to break down, I’m going to hit the second hand stores…I’m sure to find an old school blender there. Happy blending!


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