Viva la Summer Birthday!

Every week we scheduled in our, for the most part laid-back, July calendar a time to gather with friends and family to share cake with the honorary birthday star. The first week fifteen of us reposed on straw-woven tavern chairs family-style along the Aegean and after gobbling up the variety of shared plates, we dove into an incredibly rich chocolate cake that melted instantly on our tongues. SONY DSCSONY DSC The following week, also fortunate to celebrate overlooking the Aegean but on the veranda of a loved one’s nest, we huddled around for late afternoon cake and freddo cappuccinos. The tried-and-true sun was not only a welcomed guest but also an emblem of honor as she majestically painted the skies before dipping into the deep blue for the night. A technique we have seen before but tonight’s performance was oh so special officially sealing another stellar and final single digit year for my little man. A. Marina at Dusk 22SONY DSC The third birthday event of the month was for an older and wiser cousin and we brazenly observed his around a white tablecloth seamlessly cloaked on a round table seating twelve, bearing candlelight, plates of escargot, garlicky frogs legs and many bottles of Prosecco. After all it’s pretty special when you can celebrate a half of a century plus a few years. SONY DSC I learned that there was interest to invite another special friend to arrive for the soiree but the host didn’t want the number of chairs to total thirteen. It’s a number I contemplate only when riding elevators since it’s always the intentionally omitted button. I didn’t think the haunted number was taken into consideration with such vigilance that would teeter the premeditated decision to knock off a chair that would have otherwise seated a guest. In any case, it was a fabulous night with excellent service and incredible food and of course great company. SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC The restaurant L’Abreuvoir, in fact is preparing to celebrate it’s own 50 years of loyalty to Athenians…the same restaurant, same neighborhood, same style and service for half a century…now you don’t hear of that too often. Congratulations to L’Abreuvoir!  SONY DSC In fact, it has spawned a little gem in Antiparos just last year. This summer I was fortunate to visit Clair de Lune’s first brave year and now that it is the end of the season on the tiny island of the Aegean, it’s officially the start of her toddler years. Do plan a trip to the Cycladic Island just a ferry ride from Paros to enjoy a bottle of Rosé with the salmon tartar while the children walk along the boardwalk to hang with their summer island gang. I happened to stroll about the craggy and narrow stone roads while a photography exhibit was on display. SONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSCSONY DSC How can our last birthday celebration of the month top these? Well it just so happened that cake in the morning did steal the show! Yes, we all ate cake first thing in the morning…that was the godfather’s (my boys, not the one from Calabria) birthday wish. And after cake there were stacks of pancakes to gobble up and well time for a nap…the perfect Saturday Birthday. Wishing you a deliriously happy birthday however you choose to celebrate it this year!    SONY DSC

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