Missing Mama

Missing Mama

I was accused of being in the water for three hours. I’ve been accused of worse things, but there’s no way I could have because my bladder signals me after about an hour and as much as I would have … Continue reading

Head and Heart

First stop of the trip. It always is, however first time in such torridity. Blasted with radiating rays, never before have we felt such heat from the sun. It’s a daily strut down to the docs multiply times a day, … Continue reading

What Will You Create

Went out and hit a wall of humidity this morning so to bring our body temperature down we made a triple citrus lemonade with an emerald twist…matcha. Baby bear is into the green stuff lately, matcha and spirulina. Since matcha … Continue reading

Viva la Summer Birthday!

Every week we scheduled in our, for the most part laid-back, July calendar a time to gather with friends and family to share cake with the honorary birthday star. The first week fifteen of us reposed on straw-woven tavern chairs … Continue reading