Head and Heart

First stop of the trip. It always is, however first time in such torridity. Blasted with radiating rays, never before have we felt such heat from the sun. It’s a daily strut down to the docs multiply times a day, even before we arrived Middle Bear prepared himself for this. A few dozen a day, kept them at bay all day. The birds hang out aground in hopes of a shrimp or two falling their way. I have to say we don’t need science to listen to our hearts or to see the reliable partnership between the head and heart and the magic it creates. Middle Bear responds immediately to the quietness of the bay…not in any other situation in his life can he do this so freely. Compassion is clearly regenerative…the youngest two of my bear’s companionship on this trip was so free heartedly favorable…if only we could bottle it up and share wherever we tread.

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