Too Ephemeral to Capture

Experiences don’t happen…they have been meticulously designed across every touchpoint to make you feel like you are cared for, forever protected and saved. The question is why is one particular captive agency so concerned for your well-being, is there perhaps an underlying motive? Phantom states of emergencies create the occasion for such “care” tactics to take over. When someone or some agency has to tell you what is best for you promoting a nondiagnostic technique based on boosted cycle revolutions that can detect just about anything from nothing…stand your ground, spurn and do not comply. In a world that is becoming more and more apparent that we should be cautious of what we whisper…it’s time to be irreverent.

Trust yourself and connect within…discover what will help you get home. Something about the salt waters that once I’m supine on the undulating waves eyes fixed only to the heavens above adrift with her lofty clouds…it’s a sweet dance with the universe and it’s time to make it ours once again. Instead of dedicating yourself to survival tactics devote yourself to your heart. Time to discover who you really are, your body is here for you, it’s not broken, it doesn’t make mistakes, it reacts to whatever you throw at it…be willing to listen to it.

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