I Identify as a Zebra

Its name possibly emanating from the Latin equiferus meaning wild horse; from equus horse and ferus wild, untamed. While I respond to either pronunciation with the long initial vowel or with the short initial vowel, please use the pronoun “z” when referring to me. Why not add a new one to the already misleading list of pronouns to identify an ever-growing number of new genders? Back to the African equine…how can you not be enamored by the distinctive and hypnotic black-and-white striped coat and its fine form…a wondrous and charming creature indeed. Moving on to more meaningful thoughts on my mind and next to my booklet is a demitasse full of love from a new friend with shared sentiments and temperament. She won my heart when she offered to crush a cardamom pod with the espresso grounds and a touch of agave and steamed milk…the most delicious latte you could imagine. Ever so grateful for my morning strolls down to the water and then for a little deliciousness or in the Aramaic language, basimo. My last morning in the inviting small-town atmosphere couldn’t have turned out more magical with the formation of an effortless comradery of three to share a few bites and a whole lot of passion for truth at the Basimo Beach Café. It was an unorthodox turn to be back on the west side after riding a wild current on the east side of the peninsula. Or was it? This fleeting sweet trinity felt so familiar…an opportunity to be fearless in our pursuits together, a chance to entwine with one another’s souls to reach out and develop and refine our manifestations and magnetize our hearts’ authentic desires. There are dense interplanetary energy fields out there…take a breath to feel for the rift…you’ll find and connect with your tribe.

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