I Identify as a Zebra

I Identify as a Zebra

Its name possibly emanating from the Latin equiferus meaning wild horse; from equus horse and ferus wild, untamed. While I respond to either pronunciation with the long initial vowel or with the short initial vowel, please use the pronoun “z” when referring to me. Why not … Continue reading

Tried and True

Please accept my apologies for this non-July recipe. It was a request from a special person for a special day, so cardamom clouds in July here we come. While we are normally beach-combing this month and discovering an interesting rock … Continue reading

Cardamom and Cashew Clouds

There was a time in my life when I merrily sent off holiday cheer on pen and paper of my own creation. This was before the World Wide Web and way before any little bears came into the picture. While … Continue reading