Desperately Seeking Me

At first, I thought there to be two little birds, but turns out it was the same robin drumming at my window, desperately trying to tell me something. I cracked the door ajar just enough to invite her in yet instead she flew up and over the house to the window I was near stretching muscles and kneading out the crinkles in my fascia, thinking this bird’s trepidation is something to note. The movement of the door startled her naturally and she flew off only to sweep back to the window of the room I entered next. Incroyable! I always loved the sound of this word. Every time I heard it uttered, it was as if the person would bust out into song on the “a” sound as their eyes rolled up to the skies. This time I said it in mimic version as I have always remembered and thought, if you won’t dart in, I’ll stroll on out. I didn’t spot her at first, but I felt a sense of tailing and soaked up some rays while I was out there barefoot, ready to hear her song in my private ear. This little birdie knows something about catching a few moments of bliss and connecting in the wild in this quintessential end of the winter scene, a kind of farewell to the dormant season and a salute to the energy bursts to be expected as the temperature starts rising. I went back in, made myself another antidote and low and behold she came back pecking. Could she smell the sweet anise or perhaps the cardamom wafting in the air or was she drawn to my magnetic energy?

What’s in your demi tasse? In mine, a sprinkle of this combo: anise, cardamom, turmeric, salt, matcha, ginger, pea flower and reishi which I call the antidote.

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