Not Thinking Today, Just Feeling

Not Thinking Today, Just Feeling

When I see you, all I wanted to say vanishes. The time is so precious and words are extraneous…you come and the time slips away in a dream. It is only when you go that I realize completely your presence. … Continue reading

I Identify as a Zebra

I Identify as a Zebra

Its name possibly emanating from the Latin equiferus meaning wild horse; from equus horse and ferus wild, untamed. While I respond to either pronunciation with the long initial vowel or with the short initial vowel, please use the pronoun “z” when referring to me. Why not … Continue reading

At the Edge of the Day

Roses glow. Something about the edge of the day before our sprouts and blooms vanish into the dark night sky…something about that light, that aura that illuminates the embryonic, unfurling leaves and how the petals meddle with the light. Scattered … Continue reading

Strolling the East Side

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East of Hollywood that is. It was a day planned to get-a-way from the nest and simply do things not ordinarily in our daily schedule. My always-ready-for-an-adventure amigo and I, started out with an impromptu garage sale in Los Feliz, … Continue reading

Farewell Masala Chai

  My beloved, blissful decoction of ginger, star anise, cinnamon, peppercorn and cardamom in a multi-striped capsule from Nespresso is gone, gone, gone. A limited edition, which sold out during the holidays, Masala Chai, swooned me with her rich sweet … Continue reading

Spice Up Your Nest

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Allow your spice drawer to open up another world for you—a tantalizingly tangible one that will blow away your taste buds. Lately I am obsessed with fennel seed. The smell transports me into another dimension. Crush the tiny seeds with … Continue reading