The Start of the Dream

The Start of the Dream

Sometimes events happen unannounced and unexpected. Sometimes with or without permission from the outside, I rekindle a forgotten dream of a new life regardless of the countless times I was begged otherwise. I begin to tell my myself another story, … Continue reading

A Las Buenas Noticias 2022

It’s that time again, time to take stock of what has past and what’s to come. Time to release beliefs that no longer fulfill, weight that no longer can be held and relationships that no longer serve into the passing … Continue reading

They Sold Me a Dream

at Christmas. No solicitations ever here, just my thoughts du jour take them or leave them…the choice is always yours. For all you resplendent wonderers who do happen to stop by my little ole space, a big thank you to … Continue reading

Easy Does It

I think of our nest as a living organism essential for our enjoyment and growth. Keeping it fresh with little touches like these chairs…finally I was brave enough to stage furniture on the balcony since baby bear is developing a … Continue reading