This Child

This Child

Can you even? If anyone else was out this afternoon they would have absorbed her sun-lit soul and maybe the heaviness from their shoulders would have lifted with her sprightly energy. Our daily exercise of grounding, feeling and simply being … Continue reading

Duck Trails

Duck Trails

Lately, our life is mostly creekside trails and indigenous flora. We followed this feathered flock to this hideout, others followed as well. Together we splashed in muddy waters and weaved between zigzagging stems experiencing the last bit of autumn hues … Continue reading

Halleluhua…was that a cool breeze I felt?

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Every morning for the past few weeks I wake up in my new nest energized to open windows and doors to welcome the cool ocean breeze in and everyday I have been disappointed. Hot, heavy, damp stagnant air seeps into … Continue reading

Fiesta Anyone?

How about this setting for a soiree? I pranced across this magical place on one of my LB garden walks, yet another nook and cranny to discover along the craggy cliffs of Laguna. This particular finding was tucked away … Continue reading

The Early Bird Catches a Glimpse of Beauty

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I wake up to a spectrum of mauve every morning. The iridescent rays stretch and encompass my floor to ceiling windows and I feel instant warmth. This morning hug of mine is so lovely and transmits bolts of energy even … Continue reading