Eye-to-Eye Outdoors, the evening calling from frogs long waned,replaced with serenading crickets in excelsis.A mid-summer swap when frogs,still aroundperhaps feeling outnumbered,a few silently snack on insectswhile the rest grant them their loquaciousness.And then there is the blue jay,enchanting us as … Continue reading

Stronger Every Day,

laughing all the way. I collapsed before I could reach the end, meanwhile girlfriend can swing back and forth with ease three times over in a flash without even a gasp…she’s super girl! At least I enjoyed the serenading all … Continue reading

Rockin’ Robin

She’s still at it. Pecking away to the tune of her own brilliance. Still can’t figure out, a week into it, if she’s vocal about something or simply singing to her own melody and worshipping no one or anything other … Continue reading

Look Up

It’s chirpier up there, that’s for sure. Tweets from tiny beaks are indeed sweeter than the uproar from below. Look up at dusk and enjoy the fluorescent glow as it bleeds into the valley below. Plus, you don’t want to … Continue reading