A Shadowy Epoch

A Shadowy Epoch

Perhaps we lived with the half-state for too long,unwitting to the practice of unearthing the potency within,unsuspecting of what we pass onand limited in our current dimension to our limitlessness.Yet well on our way to our inexorable path with mother … Continue reading

Time, Cherished Time

Creating opportunities in intervals has been my motto for almost two decades now. I haven’t had a whole lot of intervals to myself during those times, although cherished, not much alone time. So while my schedule hasn’t been mine for … Continue reading

A Las Buenas Noticias 2022

It’s that time again, time to take stock of what has past and what’s to come. Time to release beliefs that no longer fulfill, weight that no longer can be held and relationships that no longer serve into the passing … Continue reading

Fresh Coat

Fresh Coat

What’s gone is gone…spending your precious time now focusing on what happened back then is making absolute certainty the future will be the same. It’s time for a fresh coat of paint; it’s time to move forward with certainty and … Continue reading


Baby bear responds to a shelling of questions about her age, “free,” she says proudly. Sometimes she fires back impulsively before she even hears the question and throws off her interrogator. After her forty-five-minute class the instructor asked me if … Continue reading

Sing With Me

In the twilight hours with no other sounds around, the sparkle of Christmas kindles in our hearts.I can’t help but wonder of some of the mystery that eludes us as time goes on. Remember the one from our childhood dreams … Continue reading


Time goes by, and I am left unchanged. Where did all the minutes fly off to so swiftly, so far away? Can we ever recover those lost minutes? Can they really disappear so quickly, and so far away? I long … Continue reading