There will be a time when loneliness shall ware you,
when your pride shall writhe
and courage gnash its teeth—that day you will cry,
I am alone.

A day shall come,
when you shall see and hide things no more
and your loathing, all too near
shall consume you
until you can no more fear.

That pervading sense
that drops you to your knees
and eventually makes room for your absence.

Purposefully find yourself to unearth it all
How ironic that this all-consuming sense of loneliness is the very essence that awakens us the most.

No need to tell Jasmine here, that she has done many things ever imaginable. She’s Baby O’s mare and how beautifully they ride together. After Ms J here manages to snack on every morsel of straw in her space, she will get back to her special time, her kairos within herself so that when it’s time to ride with her partner, well naturally they’re gonna ride like the wind.

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