Starry Starry Night

….paint your palette blue and greyLook out on a summer’s day with eyes that know the darkness in my soulShadows on the hills, sketch the trees and the daffodilsCatch the breeze and the winter chills, in colors on the snowy … Continue reading

Star-Spangled Enthusiasts

Not all days end with fanfare and glimmers of purple, crimson and gold gallantly gleaming, or do they? Perhaps we are too distracted to catch a glimpse. We get caught up into the mayhem and we don’t get a chance … Continue reading

The Long View

Looking at things at the wrong end of the scope…no one who sees from the other end ever regrets it for a second even after name calling usually followed by a long harangue. I’ll take pareidolia for I can’t imagine … Continue reading


There will be a time when loneliness shall ware you,when your pride shall writheand courage gnash its teeth—that day you will cry,I am alone. A day shall come,when you shall see and hide things no moreand your loathing, all too … Continue reading



Here I am not so much checking out my breeding plumage in the mirror but tete-a-tete with this enigmatic figure, or is she? Another remarkable creation for sure, one that depicts fertility and the life cycle, a central spiritual concern … Continue reading

A Fairly Romantic Setting

I mean come on look at that face! Everyone adores Emerson; I suppose being the one and only cow on board makes him all the more special. It’s a fairly romantic setting and Emerson is the prince that all lasses … Continue reading

Band of Gold

While many items have made the rounds even before I welcome them into our nest, I select them because they rouse my curiosity and perhaps chance that the curios grow fortuitously onto my three not-so-little bears no more. Our renowned … Continue reading

In Queue

In Queue

When discovering the theory of relativity, Albert Einstein pictured himself riding on a ray of light. Words did not take part in this soothsayer’s role of entities serving as elements in thoughts. Thoughts are waiting. We ought to pay more … Continue reading


“Blessed is the man that has a virtuous woman, for the number of his days shall be double.” – Ecclesiastics 26:1 I have been getting through the days by imagining the charade as a play that ends every night and … Continue reading

Lay Waste

Lay Waste

“Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers – but like lemmings running headlong to the sea, we are oblivious.” – William Wordsworth. Wordsworth chronicles his spiritual life, his views on his craft and place in the world in his … Continue reading