Bounty Harvester

Bounty Harvester

The bounty of ripely plucked Crispins from an orchard off the side of the road now cradled in a bowl, a sweet reminder of our abundance. Bite into one for a crisp crunch and a mouthful of sweetened juice. Today … Continue reading

The Long View

Looking at things at the wrong end of the scope…no one who sees from the other end ever regrets it for a second even after name calling usually followed by a long harangue. I’ll take pareidolia for I can’t imagine … Continue reading

Beautiful Girl,

Stay with me. Please allow me to introduce Apple Mare, she is the sweetest. Give her an apple from your palm and she’ll be sure to chomp it up without including any of your digits. I offered her one just … Continue reading

Summer Leaves

Dine out while you still can before summer leaves with her light. We still prone to dine al fresco in our nest when possible (I always favor the outdoors, less cleaning.) While breakfast would be preposterous outdoors these early-to-rise school … Continue reading

Playing for an Audience

No one does it better than baby bear at least in our nest.She is our sweet muse as we gawk in amazement and laugh to no ends with her silly antics. She charms her brothers into almost anything and she … Continue reading

In the Heart of the Country

Plucky and spirited nearly all the time, baby bear has kept me from going off the deep end. “What’s this?” she asks frequently as her tiny digit points to whatever she is inquiring about.  Her nonchalance to our situation and … Continue reading