Make It Something Beautiful

Well, here we are in our idiosyncrasies and in our rareness…an am dedicated to sketching and painting our gratitude and a little stretching outdoors under the sun. Gratitude in every moment and every way…feeling full.



¿Por qué no? One savory, one sweet, one muy grande…all made from scratch. Don’t be fooled, the biggest one will be the first one to vanish, it’s that delicious and demonstrably that irresistible. The pies, however, hold little interest to … Continue reading

Playing for an Audience

No one does it better than baby bear at least in our nest.She is our sweet muse as we gawk in amazement and laugh to no ends with her silly antics. She charms her brothers into almost anything and she … Continue reading

Gather Around the Pepper Tree

Not a day goes by without a feathered or winged friend that visits this tree boasting of minuscule pink fruits. While a couple more of the dense foliage trees spot our garden, this particular cluster of multiple trunk trees make … Continue reading

Shop Small and Be a Local Champion

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There is nothing like a warm welcome when passing the threshold of the door of a friend’s nest or a proprietor’s shop. This week I felt that sincere reception when I visited Jeremy at Red Fox, an unexpected, enviable and … Continue reading

Thankful for…

  Thankful for the bread we break, thankful for the feast we ate. Thankful for the juice we drank. Thankful for the sweet and savory scents that perfumed our nest. Thankful for the adventurous expressions that resonated throughout our day, … Continue reading