¿Por qué no? One savory, one sweet, one muy grande…all made from scratch. Don’t be fooled, the biggest one will be the first one to vanish, it’s that delicious and demonstrably that irresistible. The pies, however, hold little interest to our feline. I caught him in one of his favorite spots. As we gather around the table today, let’s remember the real story of Thanksgiving. Educate yourself on indigenous culture and tradition, acknowledge and honor this day of mourning, acknowledge the land you inhabit and honor those who inhabited it first. 2020, the year we unlearn everything we learned to see with more clarity. If your vision isn’t 20/20 yet, don’t fret there is more time until the end of the year. The learning curve is different for us all depending on the amount of distractions we allow. It’s a jungle out there with booby traps of distractions, but always remember you can choose what you give attention to.

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