Enduring Summer

This blazing star seems to be sparking up the inferno of this past summer with an equivalently infernal fall comprising of kicks and tricks with her fuchsia ball. Still working to finite her skills as occasionally the ball flies off … Continue reading

A Messy Entanglement

While the chosen ones strut about in their body objectifying gowns claiming poverty and injustice, I’m keeping it real at home with feeding my prospective threesome, the hope for the future, with nourishment enriched with mama’s love.  I’ve got one … Continue reading

Sophos = clever, skillful, wise

Sophos = clever, skillful, wise

I’m never crazy about getting behind the other side of the lens but when a gig relies on a snapshot…ready or not with only a few minutes left until dusk, I called it a day with this one. Taken from … Continue reading