It’s Gathering Season

Nothing says come hither like a ginormous lit up tree even if temperatures are floating above normal Fahrenheit degrees. For weeks this scene has been assembling even before kiddos decreed what ghoulish garments they would adorn themselves in. What the dedicated erecting crew actually focuses on is not so much what lures in a gathering, but rather what keeps them hanging around. Literally around and around—the rink, a gleaming ice rink to reflect the surrounding glazed fortified buildings. A lot of consecrated hours goes into a light up night and the accompanying days that follow to glide round the rink. A most thoughtful gift in this festive season of giving, the gift of staying fit and gathering among friends and family starring an illumed Tenenbaum. Speaking of faithful ole fir trees some deep revelations and surfacing reprisals are awakening pieces of us in overcoming waves of gratitude. Once unavailable now washes over and consistently endowing an opportunity to change…hope you take it. Hope you are illumed to your own self-trust and self-love.

 “Where you can’t love don’t delay.” – Frida Kahlo

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