Big Welcome for Spring Provisions

Big Welcome for Spring Provisions

My two favs in my provisions box this week, not necessarily sharing them on my plate together, but until I whip something up this scene is cheering up the space. Eye catching from across the room like a woman in … Continue reading

Winter the Most Dramatic

Winter the Most Dramatic

We moved the glitter confetti to another tabletop as the new dining tablescape was too festive for some. We will reserve the table for feasting for now and resume with shaping sparkling hearts on another where markings have already been … Continue reading

Cardamom and Cashew Clouds

There was a time in my life when I merrily sent off holiday cheer on pen and paper of my own creation. This was before the World Wide Web and way before any little bears came into the picture. While … Continue reading

Keeping the Spirit

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of the holidays in your nest…frankly some days this is an indispensable welcome. A turbo boost within your week, maybe Wednesday evening will be one of those days where you may consider that a show-stopping-table setting is in order…simply because. … Continue reading

Silver and Gold

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Can you mix the two precious metals? Absolutely!   As the story goes, a group of distinguished foreigners visited the swaddled newborn bearing gifts of gold (frankincense and myrrh also accompanied the metal brought for his adoration.)  The Magi or … Continue reading