Big Welcome for Spring Provisions

My two favs in my provisions box this week, not necessarily sharing them on my plate together, but until I whip something up this scene is cheering up the space. Eye catching from across the room like a woman in a red dress, it’s feeling festive in here. She’s the unbearable beauty, not the lady in red but the not-so-ordinary radish and the only way to know is to slice through her crispiness and look past her thick skin. I adore munching on them as paper thin rouge half moon slivers, a sprinkle of salt and a dash of olive oil. Unlike the winter radishes these live up to their namesake and are more delicate in personality, lighthearted and sweet foremost with the peppery spunk tucked tailed as if a memento. Watermelon radish season means watermelon season is right around the corner, not to mention tomatoes, cherries and popsicles. Like a red dress, you can say that red is the color of all seasons and that I have coordinated playfully with the hue, season after season ready to elude the adversarial stinging of a peppery mouth I once endured for far too long with my hopes in getting better all in vain. Hello my dear friend Spring, unlike the previous season you are encouraged to overstay your welcome so long as the bounty comes rolling in, hurrah, hurrah.

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