And the Coif?

There’s no doubt nature does a body good, but what can it do for the coif? Apparently, it rubs off on our hairdo as well. Rounded and tightly coiled and oh so magnificent! Who wore it best, girlfriend or the tree? So irresistible this timeless state here. This is how we fall deep in thought, how we relate more tenderly, how we romp about with more laughter, how are bodies feel lighter in this alluring state.

It’s no wonder, we burst out the door at first glance of any life form rebirthing and exploring anything fresh and verdant from our tender toddler days. It’s that time of temporary suspension of the crisp frigid air, where we hang out here until its return under the spell of the sweet honeysuckle scent. Once this baby blooms game over for sure for the past season—it’s like a festival begins right in our front yard. A break from familiarity, she adorns herself in costumes with all her glorious colors and textures and outperforms with her latest unveiling of her seasonal eau de toilette. It’s crucial, this temporary suspension of normal rules of conduct, a break from the roles played. Not permanent of course, yet vital for sanity that there is more, that normal social distinctions need not apply out here so that upon return of those former roles, we dive into them with consciousness. Trust the reconvening with mama earth, trust the gathering in festivals—it isn’t just another pretty scene, there’s deep value if you take the time. Don’t have a festival to attend, nonsense Mother Nature is always inviting you to hers. Just remember anything that was past need not move forward here.

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