Time is Fading

Time is Fading

This shot embodies surrendering and letting go…came home toting groceries to a kitchen equipped with two chefs-in-the-making and the youngest dragging me out to practice our bow just as the sun was kissing the horizon. Out here it doesn’t look … Continue reading

In the Dark of December, the Magic of Christmas Prevails.

We recently heard some not-so-good news and even though we are distressed, we didn’t let it distract us from providing our little ones with a twinkle of Christmas magic. In these shorter days of the winter solstice, we have learned … Continue reading

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Who’s the fairest of them all? A phrase most of us are familiar with, but not many of us recognize the story behind Kezia. Pronounced ke-ZYE-ah, the name is of Hebrew origin meaning “cassia tree.” Cassia is the generic name … Continue reading