Time is Fading

This shot embodies surrendering and letting go…came home toting groceries to a kitchen equipped with two chefs-in-the-making and the youngest dragging me out to practice our bow just as the sun was kissing the horizon. Out here it doesn’t look so messy, but I have my work cut out for me this evening. At least they managed dinner. It was delicious, generously seasoned chicken fillets and home-cut French fries, Middle Bear’s latest specialty that has been honed these last few weeks. The citrus cypress caught my eye at checkout. They illuminate, don’t they? Their scent is even more enchanting and much needed as summer is a long way from now. Winter lingers with numerous days of hovering laden clouds and topped today with an encounter with an acrimonious cashier, so I moved along to the next. She was a delight. Thankfully we have choices. Thankfully, there are still some humans with enlightened qualities. Keep moving in a steady fluid way, in what is by far the most thrilling adventure of our lives. Welcome a plant to your setting to bring in some joy, purity and cue you to take a moment to hear what you already know within. These mini trees have a fond admirer and thanks to its conical growth pattern, she is envisioning them adorned with ornaments for next year’s holiday design enterprise. Stay tuned, this Spring we will transport them into a more generously sized pot and shower them with all the sun that is allocated to us in hopes of a three-foot tree one day. The future is fruitful, realize how abundant you are and how incredible the existence of something else being possible regardless of all the commotion. Hold the Line.

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